L’affare Melrose

Tucked inconspicuously behind the main block of New Market shops, in what has become a bit of a cafe hub just off Khyber Pass, you’ll find this spacious spot where there is a… Continue reading

Preach Cafe

After any full day of celebrations or a big night out, a relaxing brunch somewhere by the beach is always a good recovery plan! So, the day after Australia Day, Bondi Beach and coffee was… Continue reading


First blog of the year and what post could be better than one that features llamas? At the end of 2016, Claudia, who is currently studying medicine in Sydney, was fortunate enough to… Continue reading


‘Tis the season for a party! With Christmas a few days a way and New Years on the horizon, we thought we’d feature a round-up of Laura’s recent 2oth birthday celebration, to give you… Continue reading

RECIPE: BBQ Regal Salmon Side

  Summer hasn’t arrived in NZ until you’ve cracked open the BBQ and had a long lunch with family and friends, to celebrate what is arguably the best time of year. So, last… Continue reading

Food Truck Garage

Always healthy and most importantly, delicious – one of our favourite restaurants to visit has an updated menu! Food Truck Garage consistently churns out wholesome and tasty meals that blow our minds (but not our budgets). A… Continue reading

J’aime Les Macarons

It could be argued that macarons have had their day, peaking in popularity when the Marie Antoinette film (a modern classic) wooed us with magical towers of these pastel treats. Yet, we’d tend to… Continue reading

RECIPE: Perfect Pearing Burger

If you love burgers and think you’re pretty crafty when it comes to putting flavours together, this is for you!   Burger Burger has partnered with Mainland and is running their Burger by… Continue reading

Petit Bocal

Petit Bocal (or “small jar”) is a rustic cafe with a French twist, nestled in the suburb of Morningside. With a long list of breakfast items through to evening tapas, wines and dinner, it’s worth having in your… Continue reading

Welcome Eatery

  When you think of cafes in Auckland, it’s easy to gloss over the Grafton area, between New Market and the city. However, this area is definitely warming up on the quality-cafe front, which… Continue reading

RECIPE: Banoffee, Hazelnut and Frangelico Cake

No matter how many baking books you have, there is always room for another one on the shelf – especially when it’s as beautiful as “Melie’s Kitchen” by Amelia Ferrier. With zero boring recipes, it features original flavour… Continue reading

Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen

If you’re always on the hunt for quality spots for a healthy brunch or lunch, Bread & Circus in Sydney is a great choice. A boisterous cafe with high ceilings and industrial-styled interiors, it… Continue reading

EXPLORE: Manhattan

Manhattan, New York. Arguably, the world’s most famous city – and at the same time, a world unto itself. It draws people from all backgrounds and walks of life who are hungry – for success, inspiration, an escape… Continue reading

Hello Friends + Allies

Tired of your usual brunch spot? Then you need to visit Hello Friends + Allies. It’s a vibrant cafe in Epsom with plenty of character and most importantly, fantastic food. From thoughtfully crafted sensations on the menu to… Continue reading

LUXE Woollahra

Situated a stone’s throw away from Oxford street and within the courtyard of a blush-coloured corner site, Luxe Woollahra (in Sydney), is somewhere you should head if you’re looking for aesthetic surroundings and a classic and tasty menu,… Continue reading

RECIPE: Lemon Citrus Cake

Nothing is more comforting on a cold day than the smell of baking, wafting through the house. Easy to make, light and zesty, this cake recipe found on the Humble Honey Soda website is an aromatic combination… Continue reading

RECIPE: Guilt-free Choc Cookies

This is an easy recipe for refined-sugar free, chocolate chunk cookies. It came about as a result of my regular cookie-cravings and some experimenting in the kitchen! RECIPE Mix together the following dry… Continue reading

EXPLORE: Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Brooklyn (a.k.a. Hipster Capital of the World), where you find yourself using “gentrified” in sentences and bearded men upon bicycles is the norm. If you’re visiting New York, it’s worth making your way over to Williamsburg… Continue reading

RECIPE: Healthy Banana Bread

Nothing quite beats a delicious banana bread. I have made numerous banana bread’s in my 19 years of life – starting with the Edmond’s Cookbook classic when I was 10 through to my… Continue reading

EXPLORE: Queenstown

We won’t be the first and we won’t be the last to say it – one of our favourite places to visit in New Zealand, is Queenstown. Not only is it heaven for… Continue reading

Peel to Pip

As seen at Verve Magazine online – Peel to Pip is a café with a familiar feel where you can easily relax, whether you’re tapping away on a laptop or instead, letting the kids run… Continue reading

Cafe Hanoi

As seen in the Britomart weekly newsletter – A reprieve from the inner-city humdrum of computers and copy-machines, Cafe Hanoi is a step into the streets of Vietnam and the authentic flavours of its… Continue reading

CELEBRATE: Mother’s Day

With only a few days left to Mother’s Day this Sunday 8 May, we’ve put together a few of the best treats to gift to one of the most important ladies in your life.… Continue reading


In a suburb that has a laid-back vibe but is secretly (or not so secretly) buzzing with activity and trendy eateries, you will find Bills – a quintessential Sydney destination with a reputable… Continue reading

The Glass Goose

What is fast becoming a go-to spot for evening drinks is now open for breakfast. The Glass Goose, tucked just off Federal Street in Auckland’s CBD, is the ideal morning oasis for city… Continue reading

Well + Good

For a lot of people, the thought of a juice cleanse is wince inducing. Personally, I’ve always liked eating far too much, to actually believe that drinking green liquids all day is a)… Continue reading

Recipe: Golden Coconut Granola

Granola. One of the tastiest foods in the world! We could eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner and be totally satisfied. Here is a coconutty version of a recipe that Victoria likes… Continue reading

Café Gratitude

Since moving to LA, I have been spoilt for choice when it comes to new places to eat and drink. A popular café I have been to a few times now is Café Gratitude.… Continue reading

Little King

Escaping the city centre for the afternoon, yesterday I had a fabulous lunch with a friend at Little King cafe in Milford. Similar to its sister cafe in Herne Bay, Dear Jervois, the… Continue reading

Bondi Wholefoods

Contemporary interiors are combined with wholesome, organic foods to form a winning combination at Bondi Wholefoods in Surry Hills. This store is the second location after the original in Bondi, with more space, less of… Continue reading

Recipe: Lamington Smoothie

One item in our household that gets used daily is our Nutribullet. We find it the simplest and quickest way to blend up all sorts of smoothies, from virtuous green to creamy chocolate… Continue reading

Pana Chocolate

While some people might be able to stop at one or two pieces, we demolish it by the block.  Pana Chocolate has long been a favourite indulgence of my sisters and I, so it… Continue reading

Coming soon!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend. We have finally got around to updating this site a little bit – so jump on your laptop and check it out! We will… Continue reading

BCC $10 Lunch

What’s more satisfying than sneaking out of the office for a cheeky lunch of pizza and kumara fries? The aforementioned lunch, when it only costs you $10. Which makes us think that Britomart Country Club’s… Continue reading

1885 Britomart “Liquid Lunch”

Arguably more appealing than a liquid-lunch made from celery and other green veges, one of our favourite late-night locations is now offering a gin-infused variety, to finish your week off in style. Every Thursday… Continue reading

CELEBRATION: Valentine’s Day

10 ideas for a romantic Valentine’s Day

Greenleaf Organics

Welcome to Greenleaf Organics. This healthy and stylish cafe started as a smoothie delivery business, but given its popularity and success, it has evolved into a sleek eatery with an incredible organic menu. Of… Continue reading


Given we’re locals, we know first hand that New Market is calling out for cafes to rival those found in Grey Lynn and the like  – and finally, the call is being answered by none other than… Continue reading

Eat at The Shelter

Eat at The Shelter is the uber stylish cafe that has recently opened up in a contemporary shared space in Ponsonby. The cafe, which flows outdoors into a courtyard, is nestled at the back of the open-planned space, alongside… Continue reading

Maison Vauron / L’Atelier du Fromage

If you love all things French, we have somewhere we think you’ll enjoy visiting. A while ago now, Laura and Rachel were lucky enough to attend Maison Vauron’s “Fromage Tour de France” workshop.… Continue reading


As a final ode to the month that has been ‘Junk Free June’, here is our review of Mary’s in St. Mary’s Bay, where we found healthy options for a recent Sunday lunch.… Continue reading

Scratch Bakers

When we think of Scratch Bakers, we usually think of their delicious little tarts filled with custard or their cinnamon brioche scrolls, that adorn countertops in cafes a-plenty around Auckland. However, that’s about to… Continue reading


We are always keen to try out new places in our ever-sprawling city, so Claudia and Laura headed to Woodworks in Avondale recently for lunch. It’s a relatively new spot offering breakfast and a full day… Continue reading

Caffetteria Allpress

Another day, another cafe…but this one is unique. I can honestly say I’ve visited Caffetteria Allpress many times and the service and coffee is always excellent. I became fond of this cafe when I… Continue reading

4&20 Bakery

Our little local, 4&20 Bakery is the place to go if you’re after artisan bread,  sandwiches, pastries and fresh baking. They use organic and free-range ingredients where possible, and everything is made by hand. You can… Continue reading

Odettes Eatery

Nothing starts a weekend better than a workout and brunch, so that’s what Charlotte and I do most Saturdays. On the weekend just been, we swung by Odettes Eatery for breakfast, knowing it had a great outdoor… Continue reading

Five Loaves Eatery

Charlotte and I unintentionally ended up at Five Loaves Eatery yesterday morning for coffee and given I was peckish, thought it’d be rude not to get some breakfast and write a little review.… Continue reading

Burger Burger

Reasonably priced, fun and wickedly satisfying, Burger Burger is a favourite spot of ours for a simple lunch or dinner. There’s often a wait for a seat, but this is made bearable given… Continue reading

Orphan’s Kitchen

Bringing “unadulterated” food to your early mornings, Orphan’s Kitchen, the distinctive Ponsonby restaurant, is now lending its deft hand to brunch. A lot of thought has gone into creating an original menu with classics… Continue reading

The Botanist

Last weekend Charlotte and I visited The Botanist for breakfast after having been many times before, for coffee, juices and lunch. On further consideration, we decided that more cafes should take a leaf out of… Continue reading