This was one of the first places we had on our list to visit and is a foodie heaven: Little & Friday. It simply has the most amazing things to eat – cakes, filled donuts, brioches, savories, tarts, slices, filled rolls, biscuits…the list is endless! And it’s all made fresh daily.

Today we were at the New Market store and as usual, it was bustling. The cafe is open plan with two large, shared tables in the main space. They’re decorated with glass cake stands, flowers and glass bottles of flavoured water (think cinnamon sticks and mint leaves). It’s situated in an industrial-sized warehouse shared with Martha’s Furnishing Fabrics, hence there are ornate floral prints hanging daintily on racks, and rolls of fabric stacked nearby.

We are always overwhelmed by all the delicious things to choose from. Today we ordered the moist chocolate cake with raspberry coulis, banana cake filled with caramel, and a rhubarb & raspberry tart. All of which was satisfyingly rich, sweet and yummy. Lucky for us the recipes are in the ‘Little & Friday’ cookbook by Kim Evans, which we have a copy of at home.

Victoria & Rachel x

p.s when the cafe is a little busy for our liking, we’ve been known to take-away and have a picnic somewhere outside. A few minutes drive away are the Parnell Rose Gardens or the Auckland Domain.

Location: Newmarket ~ 12 Melrose Street. 8 – 3 Monday – Friday, 9 – 3 Saturday & Sunday. Takapuna ~ 43c Eversleigh Road. 8 – 3.30 Monday – Friday, 8 – 4 Saturday & Sunday.









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