We had coffee this afternoon to brighten up an otherwise grey Auckland day at Olaf’s Bakery & Cafe. It is an artisan bakery in Mt. Eden, where you can choose from salads and filled sandwiches made from rustic looking breads to fresh brioches, tarts, biscuits and cake.

The interiors were rather plain and the space lacked a bit of ambience. On the upside it was spacious and clean, with lots of seating and friendly service.

Claudia and I tried the berry tarts, which had creamy custard and a perfect, crumbly texture when bitten. Rachel had a date & orange scone (a favourite of hers). We bought almond biscuits and a fig & fennel loaf of bread to go, which we can imagine would be divine alongside some cheese, or toasted with butter and jam.

Feeling much better for the caffeine and food! We’d visit again for a healthy sandwich or for a fresh-made pizza.

Victoria, Rachel & Claudia x

Location: 1 Stokes Road, Mt. Eden, Auckland











  1. Hi Victoria.
    What a great blog you girls have, will definitely have to try out some of these cafes. Hope you are well, haven’t seen you since Vicky Ave days 🙂
    Hannah (Bloganaise)

    1. Thanks Hannah!! I’m great, apart from having exams on atm..cafe visits are great procrastination. Love your blog and some of the recipes, smoothie today looks delish! Nice to hear from you ^_^ x

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