We found a little slice of dessert-heaven this afternoon! Tucked away discreetly in The Pavilions at Britomart is Milse, a beautiful dessert restaurant and patisserie with degustation dessert menus and à la carte delights to choose from. It only opened two days ago, and we predict it will become a very popular spot!

The intricate lattice walls and gorgeous cakes and treats on display, create a space that is a feast for the eyes. There are a handful of seats and tables at the back of the restaurant, which look into the open kitchen where chefs are busy, trays of macarons lie setting and a huge vat of chocolate continuously swirls around.

Cakes, tarts, chocolates, gelato…there was a lot of variety and it all looked amazing. From the cabinet, I chose the indulgent salted-caramel gelato on a stick, while Claudia had the bombe alaska with berry gelato and a light citrus base. Laura picked the fresh fig and vanilla tart with a divine, creamy centre.

We also took away a selection of their vibrantly coloured macarons. We’d highly recommend the salted caramel flavour, and also the raspberry. However, the lavender, chocolate, pistachio and hazelnut were all delicious and had a wonderfully chewy texture too.

An elegant and unique concept, Milse is a place we’ve easily fallen in love with! We can’t wait to order off their dessert menu and think it is a perfect stop for something sweet, for an elegant dessert or for a cute evening for two 😉

Claudia, Laura & Victoria

Location: The Pavilions at Britomart, 27 Tyler Street, Britomart, Auckland. 9.30am – late












  1. The frozen goods look eerily similar (actually looks incredibly similar) to Messina Gelato in Sydney. But hey, isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?! Anywho, it looks ah-mah-zing. Thanks for the share, girls!

  2. I went recently and it was sooo crowded, you couldn’t even see the displays without being squished against them :/ but the macarons are so good! A suggestion, giving a price rating for the places you went might help us readers decide as well! (: love what you guys are doing

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