What is fast becoming a go-to spot for evening drinks is now open for breakfast. The Glass Goose, tucked just off Federal Street in Auckland’s CBD, is the ideal morning oasis for city dwellers, with its lush outdoor patio and contemporary design. 

We visited a week ago on a Friday morning, before the bustle of the work day and a busy weekend. 

Ordering coffees (they serve Kokako) to start, we mulled over the menu, which had us very indecisive! From breakfast bowls to eggs and Best Ugly Bagels, there really is a fantastic selection of healthy, but tasty, options.

Following much to-ing and fro-ing, we decided on:

  • the organic berry smoothie bowl, with banana, cinnamon and house made granola ($15);
  • the smoked market fish salad with fresh watercress and salty parmesan ($18);
  • field mushrooms with whipped feta, market leaves, five grain toast and perfectly poached free-range eggs ($18); and
  • the smashed avocado on five grain with feta, lemon and sea salt ($14).

Rachel also grabbed one of their green smoothies with pineapple, banana, spinach and coconut water ($10) to go. 

Great service, great food and an idyllic set-up right by Sky City and within an easy walk to most downtown offices, we think that this new addition to the breakfast scene will soon be a favourite for many.

The Hadlow Girls x

Location: 78 Federal Street (tucked back of the street a little), Auckland CBD











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