HG 2017
L – R: Charlotte, Victoria, Rachel, Claudia & Laura

We’re five sisters who are passionate about finding amazing gastronomic, travel and lifestyle experiences in New Zealand and across the world, and sharing them with others.

Our platforms include the “What’s Yummy” website and @hadlowgirls Instagram, where you can find us hunting out the trendiest places to eat and drink, travelling, baking, cooking and more.

Currently, Charlotte, Victoria and Claudia are based in Sydney, while Rachel and Laura are in Auckland.

Happy following!

Charlotte, Victoria, Rachel, Claudia & Laura x

Suggestions of places to visit? Leave a comment below!

As seen:

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  1. You should visit “Toru” it just opened as the front cafe in the new Ponsonby Central on Ponsonby road, they do a good coffee and cool atmosphere. You should also try Dizengoff on Ponsonby road next to GPK for brunch and best coffee in town. Also Shakey Isles in Kingsland is yummy too!

  2. Love your blog, it is filled with great insight.

    At the moment my favourite cafes in Auckland, which you should definitely check out are Cafe TwentyThree in Mt. Eden (next to gluten free grocer) and Jaffa on Richmond Road (next to jetset bohemia. If you haven’t been yet, would be cool to see a review on these.

    Also, check out my facebook page: Nat Attacks A Balanced Life.

  3. Love your blog! We eat out a lot and it’s great to read about places we haven’t tried, and to get reminders about places we haven’t been to in a while! 🙂
    Wondering if you can mention if/whn places have outdoor seating? Being newish dog owners, this makes a difference to our choices.

  4. You guys should check out Charlie and George, a funky little new cafe in Stonefields, it’s pretty good! Love your website by the way, it’s awesome! 🙂

  5. Love reading all about your food adventures and getting inspiration for weekend coffee dates! Can you recommend where in Auckland do the best, freshly homemade afghan biscuits?!

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